Franny’s Outline

The outline itself is really short as its just really basic information about the story itself.

I tried to give you guys information about the plot line without giving too much information because I still want to be able to sell this book later on.

Of course, you guys will get first access to everything, including updates and extra information that won’t be here later on. 😁

So, without any further distractions, here’s the outline!

Franny Outline

  • Franny moves to Minnesota
    • Parent’s say they needed a change.
  • First day if school is awkward, as usual.
    • Fran meets Riley in an unexpected way
    • He finds her reading a book while walking towards the road. 
  • Fran and Riley become friends after the incident, but Fran becomes infatuated with his best friend, Miles
  • Fran and Miles clicked, and start dating shortly after meeting
    • Everything starts out great, until the night of the party 
  • Fran catches Miles doing the unthinkable, he cheats on her. 
    • Miles then threatens Franny to not tell anyone or leave or else. 
  • Fran gets closer to Riley while getting separated from Moles slowly.
    • She learns that Riley is the opposite of Miles, bringing her closer to him
  • After thinking for a long time, Fran decides to end it with Miles
    • Post breakup depression happens, but she gets more obsessed with Miles.
  • Riley gets caught up with what happened between Miles and Fran
    • He decides to help Fran, even though its it’s a bad idea. All because he loves her.
  • Miles tries to manipulate Riley, but Riley already knows too much and isn’t moved by it
  • After a long and hard fight with Miles, Riley and Fran finally get together. 

I hope you guys enjoyed it!

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Improving your Dialogue

Welcome back, you cool kid.

Today, we’ll be talking about dialogue in your novel, specifically ways you could improve it.

I think that there’s always something different you could do to make you novel better, so these aren’t way that could make your novel perfect because let’s face it- no one’s novel is perfect. I’ve seen novels with grammar mistakes and spelling errors, etc, so it’s important to know these are how I improve my dialogue as I write/edit.

Read dialogue out loud

If you want to reread and edit your dialogue, this is probably the best and easiest way to to do so. Not only will it let you easily spot any imperfections in your character’s voice, but it helps with punctuation and overall flow of the story.

This is usually what I do while editing, not so much writing my novels because let me be honest here, I dont really plan out who I’m going to write a chapter. Usually I have a general idea of where I want it to go, then I write it out. 90% of the time I change what I originally wrote in the first place so there might be spots where there’s an awkward pause in dialogue or no punctuation.

It doesn’t just work for how I write though. It really helps while editing in general.

Avoid info dumps

I get it, these can be hard to avoid, but listen. Not everyone wants to hear a two page confession on why your character wants to break up with another. There may be other circumstances about why it’s so long, but this ties into everything else in this post.

I felt like it needed it’s own area so I could explain that a long paragraph could turn off some readers. Theyre more likely to stay focused on the story when it’s easy to read, and doesn’t drag on.

If you just need to have all those words in the story then break it apart. Add the background action and movements of other characters or sounds your character hears outside or other things like that. It will make your story sound more realistic while keeping the reader interested.

Punctuate and format well

This one can get tricky because you could do so much with it. What I mean by that is you have to start a new paragraph when a new character starts talking, and then there’s different punctuation marks that you could make based off the scene.

Then you have the setting, and background action, and the characters body language, etc.

This sounds like a lot, right? I mean, it is, but it’s super easy to edit. I promise.

Just write down your chapter, get the idea on paper, then go back a look at everything individually. I usually start with figuring out what the characters are doing in the background. Did your main character see someone trip over some air or look at someone then make weird eye contact. It doesn’t have to be specifically your character interacting with another character but they could also twiddle their thumbs or hit their fingernails on a table.

Then I look for grammar mistakes. I usually try to get everything I want on paper or typed up then go back and look for any imperfections I may have missed while reading it through the first time.

Give your character a voice

This could be tied into not overusing the word “said”. Your characters are living people in your world, so they should have a voice.

Whether they’re sweet and soft spoken, or loud and boisterous, its important for your readers to know because unfortunately, we’re not mind readers.

With that being said, incorporate different tones in your writing to make it more realistic and exciting to read your dialogue.

Welp. This is about the end of that. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of anything else so this post will probably be modified or updated in the future.

If you have any suggestions about the changes you made in your dialogue that you might add to this, leave a comment below! You could also subscribe to get updates on new blog posts I write and much more!

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The Initial Scene

This has an affiliated link, so if you purchase something from said link I will earn a small commission to keep this blog alive and well!

Welcome back all you cool kids! I’m continuing the growth of Franny with you guys with the initial scene I thought of. If you don’t know, I thought about Franny from a song called, Franny by Magic City Hippies.

In the scene, I thought of a girl, Franny, reading a book off her phone while walking home. She doesn’t see that a light was changing so she walks out in the road. Little did she know the driver wasn’t looking either and I’m sure you can figure out what happened there.

Riley, a new friend Franny made that day, ran out to get her, pulled her body from the road and really close to his, barely making it away from the car. Their eyes meet, unsure of how to go about the situation, eventually separating and walking home in awkward silence.

Here’s how I actually wrote the scene, which will probably be changed throughout the story.

“I mean, do you really have 8 siblings, or is that an exaggeration?” I asked, widening my eyes at Rileys statement.

“Yeah, I really have 8 siblings.” He replied. “Of course, I have to be the oldest, so I don’t really get anything good except maybe two gifts on Christmas.”

I started to concentrate on the book I had been reading for a few days now, but it wasn’t because Riley was boring or anything. I was at the climax part of the book and c’mon, who wants to just skim through that part. “How unfortunate for you.” I mumbled out after realizing that I couldn’t just not answer. I think he got the vibe that I stopped listening so so he didn’t reply.

I didn’t understand how good a book could be to make you laugh or cry. I felt emotions I never felt talking to people by reading a good book, which made me feel worse that I practically ignored Riley. I just never want to put this book away.

Suddenly, I felt an arm wrap around my open hand and yank me backwards. My eyes switched from my phone to a car that was insanely close to my body then to Riley who was the one pulling me away from it.

Within a split second, I was in the arms of Riley after almost getting hit by a car. He looked down at me, wide-eyed, probably having an internal panic attack as I was.

Of course, I was the first to push away from his arms because I just felt uncomfortable. After almost getting hit and being pulled into the arms of basically a stranger, you would too.

I promise.

“Are you okay?” Riley whispers, breaking the awkward silence.

“Um, yeah. I-I’m fine.”

Only half true. Physically I was okay. There were no scratches or anything on me, but I couldn’t do anything but start to hurriedly walk home after seeing the light turn green for us to walk.

Riley never said anything else, but he followed behind me closely. I could feel his eyes burn through my back, and I felt slightly annoyed but also relieved because no matter how much I didn’t like being around people, I loved that Riley was there to save me.

If he wasn’t there, I probably wouldn’t be walking home to my family.

So, there’s probably A LOT of grammar mistakes and stuff like that, but here’s the rough draft of the initial scene of how Franny became to be.

I’ll be keeping you guys updated on how Franny will be coming along every Monday!

Also, I hope you guys liked what you see because you could make something just like it with the help of Jetpack!

Jetpack is a great website that connects to your WordPress site to help protect it by backing up your content and enhancing the performance of your site by using one of the most advanced CDNs.

For just a small price of $39 a year, if you click the link I’ll get a small percent of that to help keep this blog going!

With that being said, stay cool, kid.

Character Aesthetics

I started off the idea of Franny with a little scene that played in my head as I listened to a song, that’s it.

I imagined the characters and what they looked like, so I made little introductions to them. I guess you could also call them teasers for the planning process.


A New Idea?

Picture this.

You get home after a long day or work, get undressed, and shower or whatever else you do. Now you’re ready for bed, but wait- suddenly you get an idea that just itches at your mind. You NEED to write this one down.

Well, you write down the idea, and for some reason it still wont leave your mind. It just keeps poking at you. Write me plz.

I get it, we’ve all been there, so here are a few things I do to quickly write down these ideas, to relieve my mind for the night because who wants to stress over what you love to do?

I certainly don’t.

Set up some key points. Main things that just keep popping in your head. That could be a scene that replays, a quote, or literally anything else. Just get it down on paper, but don’t go too in depth.

That’s for later.

Next is a nasty word vomit. This particularly goes for a specific scene that replays rather than different key points in the story. This one is also my favorite because you are free to develop anything at a split second because it pops in your head.

Plus, this word vomit will suck, but it doesn’t matter because 90% of what you write here will probably be changed. At least, that’s how it usually works for me.

Next up, we develop our characters. This is mainly for if you thought of a characters aesthetic rather than a story itself. That’s how I started my current novel.

All you have to do is introduce the characters! Jot down any specifics you want for this character and make them just another living person in that world you’re creating.

Lastly is creating an outline. I guess this is like writing the main key points, but keeping it organized. I used to be so obsessed with keeping my story organized, even in the developing stage where I had no idea where the story would go.

So I kept everything in chronological order, which I okay. It all depends on how YOU write and keep yourself organized.

So, all together we have:

  • Jotting any key points that stand out.
  • A nasty word vomit
  • Character organization
  • An organized outline.

These are a few approaches when wanting to start an idea quickly that helped me.

Be sure to follow, and see what else is in store!

My First Blog Post

Plans? I think not.

Hello, my name is Liz. I’m a 21 year-old girl who has a dream of being an author. My life usually revolves around anything that has to do with writing, and I would love to share it with you.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

A little about The Writer’s Block

So this blog is very self explanatory.

This is The Writer’s Block, quite literally. I created this to (hopefully) make this a one stop shop for aspiring writers. The in and outs or writing, aesthetics, and so much more will be available in the upcoming months.

I won’t go too much into details because that could take hours, so lets just keep it simple and say welcome to the block with all the cool kids. Be sure to follow or subscribe- what ever the cool kids call it now- to see what’s coming!

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