Personalize your Planner

Hello again!

I’m here to offer a little service to you. Yes, you!

I offering to make a planner, completely made by you!

Let me tell you guys a little about the idea and why I’m working so hard to make it perfect just for you!

The idea came from Pinterest (didn’t see that coming, huh 😒). You know how Pinterest is the site where you can go for everything that has to do with blogging and DIYing, right? Well, I wanted to get inspiration for different pages of a planner then realized that it was so scattered. 

Before you come at me with pitchforks, let me elaborate. 

There are many things that I want to plan out, and it would just be easier to have it in one planner instead of multiples. 

For example, I have this blog published, and another one in the works as well as a full-time job and financial goals as well as new year goals. 

It seems like a lot, and I might be a little in over my head. But if I’m feeling this way, who is to say no one else is as well?

So that’s why I came up with the idea to make a planner specifically for you. 

Below, I will have different page layouts, a few examples, and a form for you guys to fill out, if interested. 

Even if you are looking for something simple, like just financial pages in your planner, feel free to request those pages. Nothing is too extreme or simple here, I promise. 

The Pages

So here are just a few examples I have for a design and different page layouts:

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These pages specifically go for writers who want to keep up with their word counts and goals, but your planner isn’t limited to just those!

I’m willing to offer so much more to you guys because I get how important organization is. So here is a list of pages just to get you guys started on figuring out exactly what you want you planner to entail then we’ll move on to colors and designs!


  • Writing goals
  • Word counts
  • Reminders
  • Brian dumps
  • Plot developers
  • Character developers
  • Writing inspiration quotes


  • Monthly expense tracker
  • Debt Payment Tracker
  • Bank Account Keeper
  • Yearly Financial Overview
  • Credit Info
  • Finance Goals


  • Hydrate Tracker
  • Fruits + Veggies Tracker
  • Week at a Glance 
  • Month at a Glance
  • Year at a Glance
  • Meal Planner
  • Lists
  • Notes


  • Class Schedule
  • Reading Tracker
  • Assignment Tracker
  • Exam Tracker
  • Monthly Schedule
  • Class Information
  • Password Keeper


  • Exercise Tracker
  • Body Progress
  • Meal Planner
  • Workout Log
  • Water Tracker

As stated before, these are example topics. I’m not limited to just these. 

The Layout

I have no specific layout when it comes to these pages. 

I want it to be completely about you guys, so I’m letting you guys pick the colors and designs you want, so the layouts will be customized all by you guys. 


Here comes the not so fun part, the payment.

I broke it down by how many pages you guys would be purchasing, so there’s no extra payment for the designs or colors!

Below is the official breakdown:

3 – 8 Pages- $5

9 – 14 Pages $10

15 – 20 Pages $15

Since this is a monthly planner, I will not be doing any more than 20 pages, but I tried to give you guys room to mix and match if you wanted! 


So I think I answered all of your questions, however if you are still wondering about something, you can contact me below:

3-8 Page Planner

This is payment for the 3-8 page planner.


9-14 Page Planner

This is payment for the 9-14 page planner.


15-20 Page Planner

This is payment for the 15-20 page planner.




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