Top 10 Favorite Movies of October

Well, it’s a surprise that I’m doing a favorite movie list when I’m supposed to be writing, but here we are.

All of you guys don’t know that I’m actually in the process of moving from an apartment to a house, so I don’t have time to write like I normally do, so what better way to keep my in a writing mood than to watch my feelings instead of reading them?

So here’s a top 10 list, probably containing mostly romance movies because honestly, romance is my life.

Also, this is in no particular order because all of these movies are super good and I suggest watching ALL of them!

ALSO there may be spoilers, if you want already saw them, then scroll past the list, and you’ll see my thoughts on then below!

  • Eli
  • Fractured
  • After
  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
  • The Kissing Booth
  • Persona
  • SPF-18
  • Tall Girl
  • You Get Me
  • The Perfect Date

So like 70% is romance. Honestly, I thought it was going to be more, but I guess I changed it up for Halloween.

So here are the possible spoilers and my thoughts on these movies!


So this moved messed me up, especially the ending. Honestly, I didn’t expect the ghosts to be helping all this time, and I was really confused about what the actual hell was going on. Was Eli the devil???

If someone knows, please explain because I’m still lost even after watching it all the way through.



Listen, I was so messed up after watching this movie. I watched it a day after Eli, so this may have messed up Eli for me because I was still recovering.

Okay, let me break this down. Ray is (excuse my language) FUCKED UP. Like, killed his own family messed up.

I honestly knew it was coming when I started watching it, but I kept trying to fool myself into thinking that it wasn’t true. The movie developed in ways that kept changing my mind about how I felt. Ultimately, I just KNEW it would end the way it did.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please go watch it right now!


Ah, a typical love story that develops with a bad boy and a good girl falling in love, but listen, the guy is British.

The end.

But for real, this movie came from a very famous book, which I’m sure all of you guys have heard of, from Wattpad.

If you haven’t read the book, I believe it’s still on Wattpad and I really suggest you go read it!

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

This movie still gets to me even though I’ve seen it well over a thousand times.

I think one of my favorite things about it are the sibling interactions. It reminds me so much if how me and my sister interact with each other and it maes it more entertaining to watch.

And Noah Centineo can get it, honestly. I’m not one fangirl so hard at things or people, but his acting is SO GOOD. I’m ashamed by how much I melt every time I see a movie with him in it.

The Kissing Booth

This movie is a weird one for me. I didn’t like the plot or how it ended so much as the other movies but hear me out.

The side characters, the different elements of the story (i.e the best friend rules, and actual uses of them in the movie) got me to stay, and I ended up crying when Lee found out about the relationship.

Also, the many uses of the phrase, “I couldn’t stop thinking about…” got to me so bad.

But the humor is awesome and I love the character interactions and the love line isn’t that bad, so overall this movie was still too high in my favorites to let it go.


I’m not sure if I should consider this a movie because Netflix put it as an episode, but it’s super long and there’s only one, so I’m just going with it.

If you guys don’t know about this, IU, who is a solo artist in Korea, is an actress in this and I believe she also helpd develop the story to this. Don’t quote me, but I think she played a big part in this show, movie, thing.

And this is super hard to explain, but realy entertaining to watch so just go check it out for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


This was a weird one for me. Again. I don’t know, I loved the movie because of the soundtrack, and the actors/actresses, and the interesting way it started.

The only thing that turned me off of the movie were the relationships. More specifically, how they developed. I really feel like they were rushed, and made only to thicken the plot, but I may have missed something.

I still really love everything else about the movie, hence the reason it’s still on this list.

And Noah was there, of course.

Tall Girl

LOVED. I was so conflicted at how it ended because my mind kept going in th gutter. I mean, it may be possible, but how when he’s so small, but she’s large???

Honestly, I don’t want to think about the specifics of what happens behind the scenes, but my mind literally kept going back to it.

Now I sound like a freak.

But for real, this movie was SO nice, but the big, dummy became obsessed with bing the cool kid, but I do love how it ended so I guess everything is fine.

You Get Me

First of all, Ole’ boy messed up big time. Bella Thorne played her character too well, it was almost scary.

The development of this story was great, and the ending kept me on the edge of my seat so it was a nice twist on the usual movies I watch.

The Perfect Date

Again, Noah.

Of course, I knew exactly where this move would end up, with the rebel who didn’t really believe in love. But who cares about the specifics of how it happened?

Maybe you do, so essentially Noah, who plays the main character, takes a girl, the rebel, out to her dance then starts a date app. Not dating, but date app.

Of course, you know how the rest ends.

But GOODNESS this movie got me near the end when Noah says shes dances ugly then goes to dance with her!

Well, that’s the end of this list. I made this in a bit of a rush so I had something to post, but all emotions are true and I really do recommend watching ALL of these because they’re all super good in their own ways.

What makes it better is that they’re all on Netflix!

But anyways, thanks for reading! I’ll see y’all soon.



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