It’s the ultimate platform for growing your Pinterest traffic.

Here’s why.

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Tailwind essentially is a platform that helps you pin your pins basically on auto pilot, while growing a group of people in your niche together as well.

With this link, it will give you a month free trail to build your account and see how you like it! I did the same thing with Tailwind and I absolutely LOVED it.


Tribes, which they have in ALL niches and all different types of things, not just about blogs, but also affiliates and making friends in general.

Tribes are seriously a pinners best friend because everyone is super supportive and are all there for the same reason: to grow.

Smart Loop

Tailwind also has this super cool thing called Smart Loop. This is the auto pilot thing that really takes pinning to the next level.

Not only does it pin your pins for you, but you can set up different times, different intervals, and how long you want them to be pinned.

There’s no limit on how many you pins you want on the Smart Loop, and I highly recommend putting quite a bit of pins on there so it doesn’t loop the same pins.


Tailwind goes through quite a bit of tutorials with the website so you don’t go to the website without having an idea about where you’re going or what you’re doing.

At the end of the tribe tutorial, they will give you a link that will help jumpstart a tribe that you may want to create, or just to refer someone to Tailwind, kind of like what I’m doing today.

Overall, Tailwind is a super awesome platform to build traffic, meet such nice pinners like yourself, and so much more. I wouldn’t recommend just anything to you guys.

Tailwind seriously has helped my Pinterest traffic, even with my blog being so new, so just the second month in, I have over 12.8k impressions, which isn’t a lot at all. But without Tailwind, I definitely wouldn’t have that many.

But with that, I’ll wrap things up with a huge thank you to everyone who read this, and an even bigger thank you to those who could potentially click on the link and help keep this blog alive.

I’ll talk to you guys soon, bye! ❤


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