Bullet Journaling

How it helped keep me organized with a full time job and blog!

Welcome back!

Today, I want to talk about bullet journaling and how it has helped me stay organized with a full time job and blog.

I only started The Writer’s Block a little over a month ago, so this bullet journal is mainly used for my personal life and work, but I am currently working on a blog journal so I can get every major part of my life together.

My initial idea

I really wanted to create something that helped me stay organized but also something that would help me with what I need. I bought a planner, but realized there wasn’t enough room to jot down everything I wanted.

And that’s when I found out about bullet journaling!

I invested basically a whole week watching videos and getting inspiration for my own, which ended up being a flop because I suck at drawing and writing in cursive, so I definitely tried to keep this minimal with some colors to keep it fun!

As of right now, I have it updated until the end of this month. I’ll probably start on next months spread very soon because of my full time job and posting on content for you guys!

But with that, here are a few pictures of my spread for October. I will limit the pages because it has information about my job that is confidential.


As you can see, I kept things very minimal, but still nice enough that I enjoyed looking at it without cringing too hard. *dabs*

I also have a personal bullet journal that I’m starting because I still have the blog and personal goals that don’t seem fit to put into my work one. That one will be updated on my Twitter, and probably Instagram!

Why I made them

So earlier, I stated that I wanted more space to create things that tended to my life specifically because a lot of the planners I saw that were pre-made never really gave me exactly what I wanted. 

With my bullet journals, I’m able to be creative and put in any pages I like! I can change up anything I’m trying to track or goals I want to accomplish on different months! Literally, the possibilities are endless when it comes to bullet journaling. 

How to start one 

Materials you will need:

  • A few colorful pens
  • A dotted journal, which you can find at any hobby store (i.e Hobby Lobby, Micheals, or here!)
  • Your imagination! 

These are just to start out! There are such thing as stationary pens and calligraphy pens, and SO much more to make it your own. I suggest starting out with a few felt tip pens and some inspiration from Pinterest. 

Since this is my first bullet journal as well, I haven’t moved on to anything else because I want to work on my cursive some more, and come up with more ideas before I make a commitment for a new page. 

Next step is to just start the book! Like I said, I used some inspiration from Pinterest, but you have to start somewhere. You can’t accomplish getting your life together without actually starting somewhere!

But that’s all for today! 

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, I definitely had fun making it! Let me see your bullet journal designs below! I would love to see them!

K, bye! 😚


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