Favorite Romance Plot Lines

I love romance, how about you. Welcome back, cool kid.

I’m such a sucker for romance novels. I’ve read SO many and wrote a few (never finished one though) of my own as well. Since I’ve read them for so long, I’ve found a few that I like and others not so much.

Today, we’ll be discussing a few of my favorites and what exactly I love about them!

Little PSA: Most of the stories I’ve read were Wattpad stories, so if you want a link to my favorites, it is here!

Bad boy, good girl (or vise versa)

The whole good girl gone bad always gets me! I really don’t get why at this point because I’ve read SO many.

I really think it’s the protective part of it. The bad boy/girl always protects the good boy/girl and it really just pulls at my heart strings.

Forbidden love

Again, a way to pull at my heart strings. Just imagine that super big mid book crisis where the MC gets caught with the person they’re forbidden from seeing! Then the rest of everything gets super twisted, and AHHH, I get the feels just thinking about it!

Hidden Love

This is mainly for the best friends who never knew their feelings for each other, but I guess there could be other circumstances in this too.

I absolutely LOVE the moment where they realize the best friend us who they wanted all along, and all the events after!

Enemies to lovers

Pretty self explanatory, right? The hate that turns into lust, and the conflicts along the way is enough to make me swoon when that steamy kiss scene arrives.

The never ending problems that arise by the hatred that slowly disappear as the relationship grows.


Friends with benefits

Ah, bad choices. Personally, I don’t like being the friend with benefit, than reading about it. I’m always intrigued by how it ends up, which is usually with the MCs being together or splitting apart completely. The events leading up to it is what keeps me drawn in, and I’m always excited to read more!

Well that was my list! I’m sure there are hundreds more of different romance plot lines, but these are just a few of my favorites.

What are yours?

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With that, I’ll see you guys later. Bye! 😚


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