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Welcome back, you cool kid.

I don’t know about you guys, but listening to music while writing keeps me more focused.

One thing most people know about me is that I listen to just about anything: K-Pop, Indie, Rock, Pop, etc.. Lately, it’s been a lot of indie music, so that’s primarily what this playlist will be.

You’ll probably see this playlist a lot later on while updating Franny because most of the music fits the aesthetic of Franny.

So without further adieu, here’s the playlist!

  • Franny- Magic City Hippies
  • Favorite Liar- The Wrecks
  • Absinthe- IDKHBTFM
  • Do Me Like That- Penguin Prison
  • Colour Morning- Night Riots
  • On The Line- Night Riots
  • Choke- IDKHBTFM
  • Dank- Jay Park
  • Paint Me Silver- The Weather
  • Tongues- Joywave
  • spoiled- flor
  • Human Right- The Strike

The playlist is so much longer than this, but these have been the songs that I listen to the most while developing Franny.

The full playlist can be found here!


Why I Made This Playlist

Like I stated before, all these songs fit the aesthetic for Franny, but they also get me in the mood to write. I definitely could see all of these songs playing in the little movie that plays in my head while I think about the story.

I think about the scene that the song could go with, which makes me inspired to get to that part.

What Else Gets Me Inspired?

Making Aesthetics!

I have made a few aesthetics for Franny which are on my Instagram, and the button that will take you to my profile is at the top!

A few of my followers (it’s still a fairly new account) really seem to like them and it gives me motivation to write more.


I absolutely love getting inspiration to write from Pinterest. There are so many prompts and quotes that motivate me to just keep writing, even if I’m in a rut and can’t seem to get out.

One thing that I use for pinning is Tailwind(yes, this is an affiliated link. If you purchase from this link I will receive a small commission, which will help keep this blog alive!). Tailwind made it super easy to keep up with pinning, and you can meet so many people that are into the same things as you!

It seriously helps with making me inspired to write more- to the point where I procrastinate because I love it so much. 😒



I have three account on Instagram, don’t judge me. 😂 one is my main account, another for writing, then the last for K-Pop related things.

As far as writing aesthetics and prompts, Instagram is a really good and convenient place! The posts are usually short and sweet for a little bump of motivation while writing. It’s usually my go to place for when I need a pick me up.

But that’s it!

I hope you guys enjoyed. If you’re interested in more, I have quite a few posts that you could take a look at below, and subscribe for more content!

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