Franny’s Outline

The outline itself is really short as its just really basic information about the story itself.

I tried to give you guys information about the plot line without giving too much information because I still want to be able to sell this book later on.

Of course, you guys will get first access to everything, including updates and extra information that won’t be here later on. 😁

So, without any further distractions, here’s the outline!

Franny Outline

  • Franny moves to Minnesota
    • Parent’s say they needed a change.
  • First day if school is awkward, as usual.
    • Fran meets Riley in an unexpected way
    • He finds her reading a book while walking towards the road. 
  • Fran and Riley become friends after the incident, but Fran becomes infatuated with his best friend, Miles
  • Fran and Miles clicked, and start dating shortly after meeting
    • Everything starts out great, until the night of the party 
  • Fran catches Miles doing the unthinkable, he cheats on her. 
    • Miles then threatens Franny to not tell anyone or leave or else. 
  • Fran gets closer to Riley while getting separated from Moles slowly.
    • She learns that Riley is the opposite of Miles, bringing her closer to him
  • After thinking for a long time, Fran decides to end it with Miles
    • Post breakup depression happens, but she gets more obsessed with Miles.
  • Riley gets caught up with what happened between Miles and Fran
    • He decides to help Fran, even though its it’s a bad idea. All because he loves her.
  • Miles tries to manipulate Riley, but Riley already knows too much and isn’t moved by it
  • After a long and hard fight with Miles, Riley and Fran finally get together. 

I hope you guys enjoyed it!

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