The Initial Scene

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Welcome back all you cool kids! I’m continuing the growth of Franny with you guys with the initial scene I thought of. If you don’t know, I thought about Franny from a song called, Franny by Magic City Hippies.

In the scene, I thought of a girl, Franny, reading a book off her phone while walking home. She doesn’t see that a light was changing so she walks out in the road. Little did she know the driver wasn’t looking either and I’m sure you can figure out what happened there.

Riley, a new friend Franny made that day, ran out to get her, pulled her body from the road and really close to his, barely making it away from the car. Their eyes meet, unsure of how to go about the situation, eventually separating and walking home in awkward silence.

Here’s how I actually wrote the scene, which will probably be changed throughout the story.

“I mean, do you really have 8 siblings, or is that an exaggeration?” I asked, widening my eyes at Rileys statement.

“Yeah, I really have 8 siblings.” He replied. “Of course, I have to be the oldest, so I don’t really get anything good except maybe two gifts on Christmas.”

I started to concentrate on the book I had been reading for a few days now, but it wasn’t because Riley was boring or anything. I was at the climax part of the book and c’mon, who wants to just skim through that part. “How unfortunate for you.” I mumbled out after realizing that I couldn’t just not answer. I think he got the vibe that I stopped listening so so he didn’t reply.

I didn’t understand how good a book could be to make you laugh or cry. I felt emotions I never felt talking to people by reading a good book, which made me feel worse that I practically ignored Riley. I just never want to put this book away.

Suddenly, I felt an arm wrap around my open hand and yank me backwards. My eyes switched from my phone to a car that was insanely close to my body then to Riley who was the one pulling me away from it.

Within a split second, I was in the arms of Riley after almost getting hit by a car. He looked down at me, wide-eyed, probably having an internal panic attack as I was.

Of course, I was the first to push away from his arms because I just felt uncomfortable. After almost getting hit and being pulled into the arms of basically a stranger, you would too.

I promise.

“Are you okay?” Riley whispers, breaking the awkward silence.

“Um, yeah. I-I’m fine.”

Only half true. Physically I was okay. There were no scratches or anything on me, but I couldn’t do anything but start to hurriedly walk home after seeing the light turn green for us to walk.

Riley never said anything else, but he followed behind me closely. I could feel his eyes burn through my back, and I felt slightly annoyed but also relieved because no matter how much I didn’t like being around people, I loved that Riley was there to save me.

If he wasn’t there, I probably wouldn’t be walking home to my family.

So, there’s probably A LOT of grammar mistakes and stuff like that, but here’s the rough draft of the initial scene of how Franny became to be.

I’ll be keeping you guys updated on how Franny will be coming along every Monday!

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With that being said, stay cool, kid.


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