A New Idea?

Picture this.

You get home after a long day or work, get undressed, and shower or whatever else you do. Now you’re ready for bed, but wait- suddenly you get an idea that just itches at your mind. You NEED to write this one down.

Well, you write down the idea, and for some reason it still wont leave your mind. It just keeps poking at you. Write me plz.

I get it, we’ve all been there, so here are a few things I do to quickly write down these ideas, to relieve my mind for the night because who wants to stress over what you love to do?

I certainly don’t.

Set up some key points. Main things that just keep popping in your head. That could be a scene that replays, a quote, or literally anything else. Just get it down on paper, but don’t go too in depth.

That’s for later.

Next is a nasty word vomit. This particularly goes for a specific scene that replays rather than different key points in the story. This one is also my favorite because you are free to develop anything at a split second because it pops in your head.

Plus, this word vomit will suck, but it doesn’t matter because 90% of what you write here will probably be changed. At least, that’s how it usually works for me.

Next up, we develop our characters. This is mainly for if you thought of a characters aesthetic rather than a story itself. That’s how I started my current novel.

All you have to do is introduce the characters! Jot down any specifics you want for this character and make them just another living person in that world you’re creating.

Lastly is creating an outline. I guess this is like writing the main key points, but keeping it organized. I used to be so obsessed with keeping my story organized, even in the developing stage where I had no idea where the story would go.

So I kept everything in chronological order, which I okay. It all depends on how YOU write and keep yourself organized.

So, all together we have:

  • Jotting any key points that stand out.
  • A nasty word vomit
  • Character organization
  • An organized outline.

These are a few approaches when wanting to start an idea quickly that helped me.

Be sure to follow, and see what else is in store!


3 Comments on “A New Idea?

  1. Usually when I get a new idea, I write down the concept, then write out a 5 minute flow chart for it. I use the plot chart we all learned about in school (exposition, rising action etc) and I quickly jot down a potential storyline. That initial chart isn’t that detailed, but I am a bit scatterbrained so having a way to organize my ideas? Yes, please! πŸ™‚

    • I tried to use those plot charts, but figuring out where I want my story to go is so hard for me 😫 maybe I’m an idiot and am doing it wrong. But I’m glad you found some use for it!

      • When I write that initial chart the plot line I use is really vague. Since the characters aren’t really developed yet I don’t bother to make it that complete. As I actually start to write, the plot changes of course. To be honest the first chart I make isn’t intended to figure out the entire plot, just to organize my ideas.

        P.S. You are definitely not an idiot!! πŸ˜‰

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